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Electronic Brake Controllers

The Department of Transport requires that your vehicle be fitted with an EBC for towing any trailer weighing in excess of 750kg. Tare weight means the trailer mass unloaded, without after sales accessories (we include most in our price), filled gas bottles, jerry cans or water tanks. 

Southern Cross Camper Trailers only use Redarc Electronic Brake Controllers 

Indispensable features of the Redarc EBRH Include

  • The dual-purpose remote mountable switch fits neatly into an easily accessible position anywhere on your dashboard.
  • It allows you to vary the braking power to the trailer brakes when the vehicle brakes are applied whilst driving in different conditions.
  • It also has a push button which, when depressed, manually applies the trailer brakes independently of the towing vehicle brakes so you can test your trailer brakes.

It has dual function LED which illuminates:

  • Green to show that you are towing a trailer with electric brakes.
  • Red when the brakes are applied with the red becoming brighter as the brakes are applied more firmly. 
Our Models TARE's are as follows:


Karijini Indy 850
Karijini Gullwing
Karijini Indy Quad 870
Karijini Double Quad 1120
Karijini Short Twin Axle Quad 1120
Black Pearl 1350
Silver Pearl  870
SCHF Camper Horse Floats variable

Electronic Brake Controllers are a must from a purely safety point of view.  If you packed for a holiday overseas, you know that it is human nature to pack just in case, never mind exceeding your luggage allowance its different matter when an overloaded trailer is taking you for a ride. There are no weigh bridges to check this?

All our trailers come standard with electronic braking systems.  If you do not have a large vehicle you will be thankful for them when towing.  White knuckling it with an out of control trailer foot hovering undecidedly above your brake pedal is the stuff of nightmares.

Our experience with the Vehicle Inspectors will send you on your way, necessitating another appointment and another day off work if you cannot demonstrate your brakes with a vehicle that has an Electronic Brake Controller installed.

We have used the Red Arc brake controller from the start, its a reliable product and we have never received a complaint.  We are aware of the new model Red Ark Tow Pro but its not suitable for us at this moment.  We are aware of the potential pitfalls with customer user error and prefer to keep it simple, besides we also have clients who buy our Southern Cross Camper Horse Floats and we would prefer with those heavy loads not to have a electric brake controller that can automatically adjust.

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