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We have been supplying premium quality, affordable and feature packed Camper Trailers and Hybrid Caravans to the happy campers in Western Australia since 2010. Ben and Dennis have owned and operated Southern Cross Camper Trailers since it started back in 2010. Join our mailing list

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Road Trip - Coral Bay

Coral Bay

Coral Bay

Arrived at Coral Bay, Southern Cross Camper Trailers setting up for a few days of exploration.

Based centrally at Bayview Coral Bay which is just a short walk from the lovely bay filled with coral, fish and fun.

Highlights of the stop here would have to be the snorkeling at the bay.  Great for the kids and adults too.  Also at 3.30pm every day there is Fish feeding of huge snapper fish about 50 to 60cm long.  This is a crying shame as we have been unable to catch any descent fish anywhere.  Lots of no fishing areas.