Finance Options for Off Road Caravans and Camper Trailers

Finance Options

We use a professional, experienced vehicle finance person. We do not ask for referral fees from our finance people, we just want potential customers taken care of efficiently and ethically. In a former life one of our owners did not believe in giving referrals for business and we will not start now. 

Everyone's circumstances are different, that's why it is misleading and now illegal to advertise a repayment rate per week for any particular off road caravan or camper trailer. We want you to get the best rate for your circumstances and that is why Robert will call you, ask you some questions so he can ascertain the best rate. SCCT cannot and has never advised on finance and repayments because a little thing called a Royal Commission into finance lending says so. 

Click that finance button again here on this page below and please fill out the Quick Enquiry form on Westcorp Finance's website. Don't worry Robert and the rest of the people at Westcorp Finance knows you have come from Southern Cross Camper Trailers and Hybrid Caravans. 

Explore your finance options now with Robert Head Westcorp Finance!

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