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Camper Trailers for Sale Perth, WA

Southern Cross Camper Trailers, we do things differently.

We believe in treating everyone as a friend and we bend over backwards to look after them, listen and learn from their camping experiences.

We develop and refine our campers and Hybrid Caravans all the time and don't like to settle.  They have many features added that can not be readily seen.  We encourage you to call or drop in to have a chat.  We have our own range of specialty camper trailers (with some exciting new ones coming too).

We are locally owned and operated by both owners as we are not a franchise or owned by a company over east.

Our Hybrid Off Road caravans are the best our there in the market. 

Did you know that we can CUSTOMISE our Hybrid Caravans to suit your needs?

If you want a longer drawbar, lower height or even an inside fridge or kitchen.

Talk to us now about your ideas.

All our caravans are individually built with pride and attention to detail.

Currently our production times for new orders are 5 to 6 months so now is the time to order.  We may have Stock Caravans or campers on order so it's worth having a chat to us in person.  Before you know it, you will be able to hit the road in the not too distant future.

We can CUSTOMISE many parts of our Caravans to suit your needs if required.  We are happy to chat with you about your ideas.

We can supply licenced for 12 months in to your name:

  • Hard Floor Campers
  • Forward Folding Campers
  • Forward Folding and rear slide out
  • NEW Off Road Hybrid Caravans with toilet and shower.

What questions should you ask when purchasing an Australian Compliant Camper Trailer?  We will endeavour to answer everything you should be aware of before buying a camper trailer and what to expect after hitching up your camper and going on holidays.  Try our Help Centre, the life ring up the top of our website for more answers and questions you havent even throught of yet.

We are located in Cockburn Central, although our customers are located all over Western Australia and in other states too as Western Australian Licencing Standards are more exacting than elsewhere in Australia. 

We have freighted our camper trailers sight unseen frequently. 

Most of our country people come to Perth for other reasons and make appointments to come and see our trailers before buying. 

We have the best, low cost, value for money camper trailers for sale in Perth. View our range of models, each with highly unique features, choose which one suits you and your family

All our Caravans and camper trailers include additional features at no extra charge and are fully licensed for Western Australia.



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