Why Southern Cross Camper-Trailers uses

Why Southern Cross Camper Trailers uses

Why do Southern Cross Camper Trailers recommend and use these products on our trailers bought to you from the Oracle of the Southern Cross Camper Trailer assembly line and Director of Southern Cross Camping Trailers.

ARK Hitches : the Ark Off-road Hitch is used on all Southern Cross Camper Trailers at no extra cost. It is an Australian product marketed by Ark, an Australian Company. 

Ark Quick-hitch off-road coupling suits all 50mm tow balls that comply with Australian Standards AS4177.2 except 50mm tow balls with a flat flange.   So next time you want to use the old box trailer for a “tip trip” or to pick up firewood etc you wont have to wrestle with the tow bar. Last time you used the towbar was with the camper trailer with that Trigg poly block hitch on it. Now where did you put the 50mm tow ball? And where’s that spanner? You know, the only one big enough to fit? And who used the WD40 and didn’t put it back? With a Southern Cross Camper Trailer you wont be saying all this!

Red Arc Tow Pro Electric Brake controller: Southern Cross Camper Trailers has used Redarc right from the beginning.  The reasons we use them are reliability and convenience.  The new model is even more adaptable. The new Tow-Pro™ offers selectable Automatic or User Controlled trailer braking modes.

As far as reliability is concerned, of all the hundreds of trailers we have built and sold, we have never had a customer complain about a Redarc. They are compact, functional and reliable.

As far as convenience is concerned, take a look at Denis’s car – he has an old “Well Known Brand” one in his car which looks like a brick hanging under the dash. And he keeps banging his !@#$#$%! knee on it! The Redarc is one dial about 20mm diameter with a switch in the centre of it! Even Denis couldn’t bang his knee on that!