Regional Boundaries in Western Australia

Regional Boundaries in Western Australia


Hi, everybody! Well, the regional boundaries have been relaxed so we can all get out there again. Or to an extent, anyway! The thirteen regions have been reduced to four. Travel within each region is ok BUT – no travel from one region to another!

The map below is pretty clear on what the regions are now.

Perth, Peel, South West, Great southern and Wheatbelt are all now combined into one region. The Northern boundary is a little North of Jurien, say around the 220km mark. Western boundary is Indian Ocean (fairly obviously) as with the Southern boundary being the Bight. Eastern boundary is a line extending Northwards from the coast near Bremer Bay.

Goldfields Esperance region has that same line as its Western boundary, the Bight to the south and the South Aus border to the East. Its Northern boundary is an extension of the line which is also the Northern boundary of the Perth Peel etc region and starts near Jurien

Cross over that line and you are in the Mid – West, Gascoyne, Pilbara region. BUT there are Federal Biosecurity areas in the Eastern section that must be avoided. The Western boundary of this region obviously is the Indian Ocean, the Southern Boundary is that line starting at Jurien again, the Eastern Boundary is the Federal Biosecurity areas and the Northern Boundary is a line starting at the coast near Pardoo Roadhouse and about 180km north of Port Hedland.

Kimberley region has that line as its Southern Boundary, The Indian Ocean as its Western and Northern Boundaries and the South Aus Border as its Eastern boundary.

Ok, that’s all of them. Remember you can travel within your region freely as long as you avoid Biosecurity areas, but you CANNOT cross from one region to another without permission.

If your intended travel is going to take you anywhere where you are not sure about a boundary, CHECK!!!

I have spoken to Councils around the State in preparing this and all were happy to field enquiries about “what’s where” so call and check so you’re not making extra stress for our poor cops out there!

Regional Boundaries W A

Article Posted: 19th May, 2020
Article Source: Denis's research, phone calls to Shires, Robert Westcorp thanks for the original map