Ultimate Explorer Campanion Primus Camping Pack 1

Ultimate Explorer Companion Primus Camping Pack 1

  • SCCT Primus 120W Solar Mat
  • SCCT EPAK 2.5m and 5m Strip Lights
  • SCCT Alpha 300 Blue Sleeping Bag
  • SCCT Adults SUV Chairs
  • SCCT Aquacube Lithium Logic HWS
  • SCCT Alternative Fuel for Aquacube Lithium Logic HWS
  • SCCT Hose Adapter for HWS
  • SCCT Popup Toiler Shower Tent
  • SCCT Shower Stand


 Ultimate Explorer Pack 1    
Code Product Qty RRP
COMP7123 SUV Chair 2 $198.00
ROM1067 Alpha 300 Blue Sleeping Bag 2 $99.90
COMP830LI Aqua Cube Logic Lithium 1 $449.00
COMP823 Aqua Cube Water Hose Adapter 1 $59.95
COMP824 Aqua Cube Outdoor Shower Stand 1 $69.95
TPOPUP Popup Toilet Shower Tent 1 $89.00
COMP3961 Propane Cartridge for Aquacube 2 $43.90
COMP9234 Epak 2m LED Strip Light Set 1 $119.95
PRI20023 Primus 120w Solar Mat Kit 1 $899.00
Total Pricing     $2,028.65



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