Caravans for Sale in Perth

Caravans for Sale in Perth

If you're living in Perth, you probably realise there are not so many caravan suppliers in your general area.  It's time to get a cut lunch and water bag and head for Ocean Reef Road and the Freeway and take a run to Berrigan Drive Exit to come and see Southern Cross Camper Trailers and look at our Hybrid Off Road Caravans. If you want to see the new options for Luxury Off Road Caravan Camping its worth the drive from Perth to Cockburn Central.

Hybrid Caravans are the new world of camping because they offer the quick set – up and comfort of a caravan with the flexibility and off – road capabilities of a camper trailer and are also more compact than the average caravan.  The very beginning is the time to think about size.  Not much point having the nicest caravan in Perth if you have to park it at the in-laws strawberry farm in Neerabup cos the Ranger keeps yelling at you about overhanging the footpath in Perth! That is also where the hybrid comes into its own because of its compact size.

What is a hybrid Caravan?

Southern Cross Camper Trailers also have Hybrid Caravans for sale.  Let me tell you the differences:

Hybrids have independent suspension which means they can go off road whereas caravans have fixed axle and leaf spring suspension, which means they can handle mildly corrugated roads but they do not stand up to roads of the sort you will get if you are heading out to the "Real Australia".  Hybrids all have a pop up roof, making them more aero dynamic, saving on fuel and while some makes of caravan also have this pop-up roof most caravans are tall, with fixed ceiling height which can play havoc with your fuel economy whilst towing.

Hybrids have cooking outside with a pull out kitchen whereas traditionally with caravans the cooking is inside, mmmm nice smell of fried onions in your bed clothes.

Also, hybrids have a slide out fridge drawer. Ours will fit the longest and the highest of fridges. With a caravan you pretty much have to take the fridge the manufacturer supplies with that particular model. Caravans also tend to have the fridge inside. Well then, step up and in to access the beer and back out again which leads me to –

Our hybrids come standard with fold down caravan steps.  Other sellers of hybrids give you a portable plastic or metal step. If you are not sure footed I know which one I would prefer, especially AFTER having accessed the beer a few times!? Hybrids are generally not as heavy. Ours are not. 1700kg empty???? ATM 2200  Tow Ball 220kg. Caravans are heavvvy. Is your car able to tow one??

Our Off Road Caravans slide out at the back to give you extra long North to South Sleeping, ie not sleeping East West across the width of the trailer.  Caravans have fixed sleeping accommodation generally east to west unless you want a long caravan

Our hybrids have dining which converts into 2 bunk beds.  More children? we include a full annex.

Caravans - if you want to sleep 4 children you get a bigger caravan!

Hybrids also don't have the "Canvas Component" of a Camper Trailer. Which means no more packing up wet canvas and then worrying whether you will get it unpacked and dry before it becomes "Mould City".

The next thing to think about is that darn price tag. Have you seen some of them? They can make your eyes water! At Southern Cross we will dry your eyes and show you how you can have your Hybrid Caravan at a price to make your eyes shine! No "extras", no "on road costs" no "delivery fees" and no "oops, nearly forgot that one". Our hybrids are tested, inspected, licensed for 12 months and sitting in the doorway looking for you!

Hybrid 13ft Caravan

Cruiser Off Road Hybrid Caravan 13 - 16ft

This Is Our Lighter Version Off-Road Hybrid Caravan With Internal SHOWER And Thetford TOILET

Cruiser Off Road Hybrid Caravan 15-18ft Standard


Southern Cross Caravans have models of camper trailers to suit any family and we know you are getting the best value for money.

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