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Camper Trailers, Pods & Slide on Campers

Camper Trailers, Pods & Slide on Campers

Serious off road

Sonova is a serious off road model with impeccable reputation. Featuring huge water storage, quick awning, full annexes and caravan steps. More Camper Trailer styles coming "Camper / Hybrid Crossover Models" Mini Caravan/Camper models also coming.

The Hybrid Difference

Camping Game Changer

  • Kitchen

    Hybrids have cooking outside with a pull-out kitchen whereas traditionally with Caravans the cooking is inside.

  • Suspension

    Hybrids have independent suspension which means they can go off road whereas Caravans have fixed axle and leaf spring suspension, which means they can handle mildly corrugated roads but they do not stand up to roads of the sort you will get if you are heading out to the Real Australia.

  • Caravan Height & Clearance

    Hybrids have a pop up roof making them more aero dynamic, saving on fuel and while some makes of caravan also have this pop – up roof most Caravans are tall, with fixed ceiling height, which can play havoc with your fuel economy whilst towing. Our standard hybrid height is 2370mm but we also have new models available which are only 2200mm high.

We go the extra mile!

Customise your caravan

We are one of the few Hybrid caravan manufacturers that can customise your new purchase to fit your requirements. Need an extra bed? Prefer a longer drawbar? We've got you covered.

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Custom Kit-Out

Custom options that are available include upgrades like:

  • Longer Drawbar
  • Inside Fridges
  • Extra Beds
  • If you can dream it - we can build it!
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