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We have moved

Just a quick update to say that we have now offically moved to 31 HAMMOND Road, Cockburn Central.

Access through the 2 big gates and we are in the silver building at the back.

We are Moving SALE

One week only till Saturday 13th May 1pm.

Southern Cross Camper Trailer Clearance and Moving Sale.

Come on in and strike a deal with us on all remaining stock.

12A Baling St Cockburn Sale.

Southern Cross Camper Trailer Review

Below is a review from someone who has road tested one of our Black Pearl Forward folding campers.

Recently, we were very fortunate and were able to road test the ‘Black Pearl’ Camper Trailer by Southern Cross Camper Trailers.  The ‘Black Pearl’ is a deluxe model, and over the distance of 7,000km of rough, rugged, corrugated roads, the Gibb River Road and the road into the Bungle Bungles, Kimberley’s in West Australia, you could say it was a thorough test of this camper trailer. 

The ‘Black Pearl’ tows really well, tucks right in behind the car and with side and rear lights is highly visible.  The suspension was also very good, as it took the roads and roughness well, as well as the water crossings.  It comes with a cook top and sink with a light in the cooking area, very handy, and has numerous pull-out trays and drawers, so there is a good amount of space and storage available.  Also, there is a duel battery system in the trailer, so power was fine when we were free camping or in un-powered camping grounds (sometimes up to four days) as long as your car can trickle charge along the way.  If not, then there is still enough power inbetween charges, you just have to be frugle with it.

Inside the camper trailer, there are power outlets, 12v outlets and a light inside, along with a good amount of windows for ventilation and comfort if it is warm out. 

In terms of putting the ‘Black Pearl’ up and down, most of our stays were one night, so putting it up and down was a simple task, aided by pulley ropes.  Once we got the hang of it, it was a relatively quick task. 

In all, it was our first introduction to using a camper trailer, and this trailer is a robust, easy tow, easy put up and down trailer.  It also makes going into some areas more accessible, as sometimes only single axle trailers can access different areas. 

Thank you to Southern Cross Camper Trailers for giving us this opportunity, it was a wonderful experience with a good, reliable, easy to use camper trailer.

Felicity and Peter S

Home Valley

Quad or Motor Bike Draw bar option for Camper Trailer

Introducing our great addition to our line up.  The Quad Bike draw bar or enough room for 2 Motor Cross bikes.  It can be added to either the Karijini DIAMOND QUAD or the Karijini INDY QUAD.  The ramps can go on either side of the platform.

Camper Trailer driving, hitching, loading and camping mistakes to avoid.

Common Driving, Hitching, Loading and Camping Mistakes to avoid with your Camper Trailers:

There are five mistakes you can make before you even leave your driveway, so check these before you even switch on the ignition:

  1. Hitch Key – where is it? In your pocket, in the glovebox or console, anywhere is ok EXCEPT STILL ON THE TRAILER!!
  2. Jockey Wheel – did you swing it up? Ummmm…….. better look and check!!
  3. Handbrake – did you release it? Our handbrakes are very efficient, which is great, but drive 100km with it on and the heat generated will do immense damage!!
  4. Trailer Plug – did you connect it? If not, you are going to be very unpopular with following drivers!!
  5. Chains – did you connect them? Ummmmm…………better look and check that one too!!

Losing hitch keys for our Alko Hitches.  Need we say more, it’s like losing your car keys, TV remote or reading glasses.   Leaving the hitch on the roof and driving off, yep heard that one too.  Ring us to get another one.

Not releasing the hand brake on the trailer.  We had a recent experience of a customer who had someone else hitch their trailer and from the destruction caused to the wheel hub and axle knew immediately that it was the result of a hand brake not being released. They were absolute novices who made the mistake of letting an “expert” interfere!  Be as careful and downright pedantic when someone else is dealing with your camper trailer as you would be with your car! The damage wasn’t covered by Warranty, of course, but we managed to work something out which relieved their embarrassment and “Wallet Stress”.

As mentioned above, making sure the electrics are hooked up is important, but so is disconnecting them when you unhitch!! Unplug your electrics after unhitching the trailer and before driving off.  This happened to one of the owners  of this company the other day.  It was a moment of smacking one’s own head in exasperation!

Inspect your tyres,  check for uneven tread wear  and incorrect pressures .

Check your wheel nuts are tight after an arduous journey, even a long non demanding road trip. Your trailer left us with the wheel nuts hand torqued to 100ft/lbs.

When you reach the camp site stabilizing the trailer. Yes, make sure those rear stabilisers are down, touching the ground, and with perhaps another half circle on the winder to be sure.

Connecting the water pump hoses. There are two hoses, one orange and one white, hiding under the sink. On the side wall inside the trailer are two connections, also one orange and one white. Guess which hose goes to which connector? We had a call recently from a customer who had water problems and guess what the cause was? Yep, you got it! (Sorry to bring this up, Laurie, but you must have realised it would go into the annals of Southern Cross history!)

Packing up – closing all the windows and door will make packing up easier, but remember that Southern Cross uses a high quality canvas. It is best to leave one zip undone a few inches to let the air out, otherwise you will think your camper has transformed into a Bouncy Castle!

All our camper trailers have a stove supplied. On the soft floor variants it is a Primus 3 burner deluxe and the Pearls come with their own inbuilt 4 burner stove. Connecting to a gas bottle is exactly the same as on your home barbie!

Make sure your gas bottle is the same size (9kg or 4kg) as the holder on your trailer.

Wet Tent -  Surprisingly, this mistake doesn’t happen all that often. Mind you, our canvas is high quality and very forgiving so perhaps it isn’t so surprising. Anyway, if you get rained on and soaked on that last night before you come home, unpack the tent when you get home and fold it out until it is dry. If you leave it wet and closed up in the driveway for a month, you can get enough mould to create sufficient Penicillin to cure the ills of a third world nation.

When loading a quad or other toys onto our Haulers:

 Make sure the ramps are securely fitted.

 Have somebody there to yell “ Bit to the right!” “Bit more right!” “Bit left!” “Keep coming!” “Stop!!”

Lighting problems –the electrics on all our trailers are personally checked by the owners before they are licenced and, of course, the licencing Inspectors check too. If you collected your new Southern Cross trailer from us yourself, you would not have been allowed to leave without Ben or Denis doing a light check. If, however, your trailer was freighted to you and the lights are not working, don’t blame the trailer – CHECK THE CAR! In our great W.A. Outback that red dust plays havoc, and that socket on the back of your vehicle is right in the firing line to collect dust and then moisture. That combination fouls up trailer sockets in no time!!

Driving too fast!!   For heaven’s sake!! You are in charge of a machine weighing probably a tonne and a half plus passengers and you are towing another machine weighing somewhere between (depending on model) three quarters of a tonne to two tonnes! Keep to or under the speed limits! Slow down! Enjoy the scenery! If you don’t the scenery may be ruined by the sight of flashing red and blue lights in the mirror!

Road Trip - Kalbarri


Another year at Murchison Caravan Park. Southern Cross Camper Trailers has frequented this lovely park for many years now.

Murchison Caravan Park is located just across the road from the waterfront which holds many activities for all. The park is family run and been a part of the Allen’s Family since the 1960s. It is part of the Top Tourist Caravan Parks. It also boasts having some of the largest drive through sites in Australia. The amenities cannot be faulted. Super clean.  Wonderful facilities on site.

We had the pleasure of being greeted by the “fabulous” Kate who was more than helpful.

Again another relaxing and most enjoyable time here.

Check out their NEW website

Just a glimpse of a wonderful place to stay.

Road Trip - Coral Bay

Coral Bay

Arrived at Coral Bay, Southern Cross Camper Trailers setting up for a few days of exploration.

Based centrally at Bayview Coral Bay which is just a short walk from the lovely bay filled with coral, fish and fun.

Highlights of the stop here would have to be the snorkeling at the bay.  Great for the kids and adults too.  Also at 3.30pm every day there is Fish feeding of huge snapper fish about 50 to 60cm long.  This is a crying shame as we have been unable to catch any descent fish anywhere.  Lots of no fishing areas.



Hamelin Pool

Southern Cross Camper Trailers has just pulled up into Hamelin Pool Caravan Park (not to be confused with the first turn off which is the Homestead that has no powered sites).

We are here for an overnight stay and the Red Pearl is a dream to just fold out. The camp kitchen ready to go. As it was a bit windy that night we were able to utilize the features inside. By just removing one of the mattresses we set up the table and made a nice cozy dining area.

Hamelin Pool is of two Stromatolite pools which date back to 3.5 billion years ago. Its Telegraph Station was used to transmit information in earlier days to NASA.   A wonderful historical place to stay filled with lovely people with a treasure trove of information.



Road Trip - Carnarvon Stop over


Quick stop over in Carnarvon where we were told about the space museum which has only just opened this year.  Buzz Aldrin has been there a few months ago to check is out.  This was one of the Dishes used to track all the Gemini and Apollo rockets during the Moon landings.

We had time to have lunch under the Satellite dish.


Camper Trailers For Sale in Perth NOW

Camper Trailers For Sale in Perth

Hi Everyone.  Just letting you know that we have a Camper trailers both the Karijini Diamond and Karijini Diamond INDY's ready to go.  We will licence and deliver in Perth or can arrange delivery to the transport depot for freight to North, South and East.  We have researched freight options and have very competitive and economical options available.

Also, Talk to us about our current special too.

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