To invert or not to invert (or Now is the Winter of our Tent :-) )

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We have been supplying premium quality, affordable and feature packed Camper Trailers and Hybrid Caravans to the happy campers in Western Australia since 2010. Ben and Dennis have owned and operated Southern Cross Camper Trailers since it started back in 2010. Join our mailing list

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To invert or not to invert (or Now is the Winter of our Tent :-) )

Sometimes you really have to wonder.

Sometimes you really have to wonder.

Recently one of our competitors told a prospective customer that it is impossible to run a caravan air conditioner through an inverter. So of course, as I had said it IS possible, I had to prove I was right. We use a 2000Watt - 4000Watt (surge) Pure sine wave inverter. It laughed at the Dometic Freshjet Air Con. After running it for 2 hours which took the batteries from 12.3V to 11.9V, I got bored and closed it down. I get so tired of having to prove Numbies wrong.

The B.S. Artist who gets the prize this week is the one who told a prospective Customer that "Southern Cross cut the drawbars off their caravans so they can fit more in a container". Errrr........ Considering that there is about one metre of drawbar beyond the body, that our caravans start at 4 metres and that a container is 12 metres long it doesnt take a maths genius to poke holes in that one does it?

Another prize goes to Harry, who rang me on the weekend in a flap - his brand new trailer's stove was not working. After working through some likely scenarios and accomplishing nothing I asked "Harry, you have got the gas turned on, havent you?" Yep, you guessed it! Sorry, Harry, you knew I was gunna tell!

Dave - I'm saving you for another day :-)

Stay safe everybody and I'll be back soon.